Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dan Dannenmueller gives Stubby Steve's his approval....

We'd like to thank Mr. Dannenmueller for his incredible testimonial using our Stubby Steve's Fish Food Pellets.... Not only is he an amazing fisherman, he's also the perfect gentleman and someone we're very proud to call a good friend.....
"I have been using the Stubby Steve’s Baits for almost a year now.  It is phenomenal crappie bait that is extremely effective.  It entices crappie to bite with a trail of scent and once they do bite they hang on to the bait longer which increases your catch rate at least 10 to 1 better than without it.  I use it in conjunction to using minnows and it will hold the minnows on the hook even after catching several fish and bites.  We have found the catch rates to greatly exceed Gulp and Crappie Nibbles and stay on the hook up to a full day at a time.  What a great product and we will continue using it while on the Crappie Tournament Trail!!!!"

Dan Dannenmueller Sr. is a two-time Points Angler of the Year for both 2011 and 2012 on the Crappie Master’s tour.
Visit his incredible online magazine for crappie fishing.... it's free and full of information, photos, videos, etc.....   CRAPPIE NOW

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