Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brand new pinks!

At the Crappie USA Classic a couple of weeks ago, we were talking with some of the fishermen while watching the weigh-ins.  Several of them asked us to make our Fish Food Lure in pink.  They said that is their favorite color if they were forced to choose.   So........ less than one week after the conversation, here it is! 
We were playing around with different shades, trying to arrive at the perfect color.  Steve chose two to try.  Everyone argued about which was their favorite when he brought in the finished product.  We even asked some well-respected professional crappie tournament fishermen which we should make.  We were told we just had to make BOTH (for different water conditions).  So, at least for now, here is "Light" pink and "Dark" pink pellets and worms.   They are gorgeous!  We threw out a couple pellets in a trout stream near us and immediately the pellets were gobbled up after a frenzied splashing of trout! :) 

When I next go fishing (Stacy), I'm using a 3 inch BLACK worm tipped with a brilliant PINK pellet.  Don't know which pink just yet, lol. 

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