Thursday, December 27, 2012

You've never fished with a worm like this!

A new site to help introduce our new Fish Food Fishing Worms!  They are made with the same proven formula as our original brown pellets... just in the new shape and all three (maybe four, hint, hint, hint....) colors: "True Earthworm Brown", "Blood Red" and "White"... and "          "(can't say just yet)!  They still have the same stay-on-the-hook-all-day durability as our other lures.  Fish were chasing these like crazy when we filmed a video fly fishing for trout.  The chum trail is immediate and unbeatable.  The lasting scent, well... lasts like it should!  A knowledgable tournament fisherman told us he tells everyone, "try to get it off your hook... you could beat it against a rock and you might bend your hook but you're NOT getting the Stubby Steve's off!". 

Stubby Steve's Fish Food Fishing Worms

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