Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Testimonial by Captain Darrell Van Vactor, President/CEO Crappie USA and Cabela's King Kat Trail

"Having worked in the fishing business for over 25 years it takes a lot to impress me when talking about new fishing products. During the past two months four of our employees and myself have been fishing Stubby Steve's for crappie, shellcracker, bluegill and channel catfish. Knowing well the importance of scent and having used Power Bait and Gulp for years when fishing for these species my employees and I are overwhelmed at the effectiveness of Stubby Steve's. One pellet will last longer than a jar of Power Bait product and catch as many or more fish whether fished alone on a bare hook or tipped on a jig. When anglers try this product they will never go fishing without it. It is truly the best scented bait I have ever used."

Captain Darrell Van Vactor, President / CEO Crappie USA and Cabela's King
Kat Trail.

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